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Socks Match Has a Lot to Do with Clothing - 翻译中...

Socks Match Has a Lot to Do with Clothing - 翻译中...

Socks are essential clothing in our daily life, but most of our attention stays on the surface of modeling, but we forget the existence of them. Many people think that, compared with clothes and shoes, high-quality socks can be worn all the time if there is no problem, regardless of the style or color. Today Innovate Socks will tell you how to match socks.

1. How to match high-quality socks?

(1) Casual: Casual style clothes are what we wear every day, and we can just according to the color when matching.

(2) Formal wear: A suit with different socks can have a variety of feelings, suitable for various social places, so formal wear is generally more formal, then the choice of high-quality socks should be solid black, blue or grey, unpatterned. Everything must start from the details. Although the area of cotton socks is relatively small, it can often have an unexpected effect. So after reading the above content, hurry up and learn. We believe you can reflect your charm from the details.

2. The choice of high-quality socks color

(1) Men generally wear leather shoes. The breathability and comfort of thin socks are our key considerations when choosing, and there are also requirements for color, basically black, white, gray, light blue, navy blue and other colors are used as the main color matching, usually the color of men will be monotonous.

(2) Ladies have more color options and richer styles. Then we can match high-quality socks of different lengths according to the temperature. Generally, they are at the ankles, and the hem of the pants must be covered with shoes and socks. Light-colored trousers and shoes are paired with light-colored socks, and darker ones are just the opposite.

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