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What is the Difference Between Socks and No Show Boat Socks? - 翻译中...

What is the Difference Between Socks and No Show Boat Socks? - 翻译中...

No show boat socks are mostly used in summer, and the color is generally based on the skin color of the human body, mainly to make it invisible that he's wearing socks. The pure cotton socks are a variety of styles and materials. The length of the socks is 5 cm above the ankle, and its colors are ever-changing.

1. The design of no show boat socks

No show boat socks, as the name suggests, are socks that are worn on the feet but not showing. They were originally designed for women to wear pumps. Because of the high temperature in summer, it would be uncomfortable to wear shoes with bare feet, but it would be very hot to wear thick socks. Therefore, the unique breathable, fashionable and beautiful no show boat socks are designed, which are very popular among women.

2. The color and type of no show socks

The color of no show boat socks is generally flesh-colored, similar to the skin color. After wearing shoes, it is generally difficult to detect, and it does not affect the contact between the skin and the air. Generally, there are several types of no show socks, which can be no show stockings or no show boat socks. The cuff of no show stockings is not necessarily very low, but the color of the socks must be flesh-colored, and the cuff of invisible boat socks is very low, so low that no socks can be seen.

3. The style of socks

Short socks are socks with a length of 5 cm above the ankle, which wrap the entire ankle when worn; the styles and materials are diversified, and the colors are also ever-changing. Socks are suitable for all ages and are very comfortable and beautiful to wear. Socks are also standard equipment for school uniforms in many areas. Most of the socks that match student uniforms are 100 percent cotton ankle socks, mainly white and dark colors (such as black and dark blue), depending on school regulations or school spirit.

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